Monday, June 28, 2010

Otherworld ~ New Shops Jewelry and Accessory

Added two new shops to the game and somehow while making my code more efficient I destroyed all my shop code. Still debugging that. I really don't want to have overly redundant code, but if it works with redundant code and doesn't with optimized code... grr.

Quick Edit... stupid error the new shops were pointing to the old non-universal code. Once that was fixed, all was good.

Congratz Molenir you passed our test, that is Hikaru and Tsubasa from Figure 17.

Today's Otaku quiz, identify the anime character from the pic and the series. I don't think any other hints are necessary.



  1. Heh,I should give someone else a chance. But what the heck. Top 2 pics have their names there. The series is I think, Shugo Chara. Next one down is Little Snow Fairy named Sugar. (Not looking either title up to confirm, just a guess.)

    Final picture, isn't from an anime, but looks like its from the Nodame Drama. Can't remember names, but the character was the Oyagi conductors manager. Ilsa or something. Later became Chiaki's manager as well.

  2. 3rd picture not from anime seems to be Mardjori from Shakugan no Shana.