Saturday, August 6, 2011

Items tutorial

Items now have the option of being completely customizable. Allowing for the community to add items at will or for a bored player to alter the rules of the items to make them more in balance with how he/she feels they should be.

This is not a tutorial on XML but if you have ever done HTML you basically know XML if not there are online free classes or just fill in the blanks from a copy and paste.

To make an item you will need an image of the item, please try to hold to the current background images for items. These can be found on the items thread of the forum.

You will also need a text editor, I recommend notepad++ as it will highlight XML linkage.

And just to be on the safe side an xml validation website is always nice. We will come to its use and the end of the item creation.

Go ahead and go to the following folder.


There should be a folder there called


just go ahead and drop your image file in the folder. Yep that hard.

There should also be a itemInfo.xml file in the folder. Open it up. For the most part I recommend copying and pasting an item like yours and then just changing the information as required. Saves a lot of time that way and its basically fill in the blank. Lets talk about the options that are available.

Items have a large number of options so that they are sorted correctly. When you make them try your best to get them sorted in the right category. Though you don't have to include every option most will default to false automatically if there included in the xml.

Item Variables.

*name - Name of the item. If you are linking this item to clothing it must be exactly the same as the name of the clothing item! Also case doesn't matter as it is dropped to lower case immediately.

*file - The file name to access the image. Case sensitive and has to be exact.

alcohol - does it make you drunk? (true/false)

food - is it edible? (true/false)

expendable - does using the item make it disappear. Example eating it. (true/false)

*description - The text message that explains the item. "This is a candy bar. You eat it."

set - Set's are currently not implemented they will at some later day give bonuses for the girl wearing pieces from the same set. Theoretically when they do work the set name should be exactly the same for all pieces.

tattooPlan - Is this a plan for a tattoo? (true/false)

tattoo - if this item is associated with a tattoo ( a tattoo plan) the name of the tattoo

*value - how much it costs (a number)

quest - is this an item given in a quest (true/false)

locking - does it require the blacksmith to add or remove (true/false)

lockunder - this is locking under where futa's can not wear and nothing can be worn under it

equipment - is this a worn item (defaults to true)

furniture - is the item furniture (true/false)

assistant - can the assistant wear the item? (true/false)

player - can the player wear the item? (true/false)

stack - can the item be grouped together to create a stack. Wearable equipment should not be stackable. (true/false)

garment - does a paper doll item exist for this. Not really used the association is based on the items exact name. (true/false)

That is the current list of single variable items. Most of them are not required. Only those with a star are. But there are a number of things that can have multiple changes, they are slots (what slot the item goes in on the girl), effects (timed changes from wearing the item), stat changes(the one time change from using the item), combat stat changes (the change of using the item during combat, usually more significant.)


*Name - what slots the item goes into on the rag doll and paper doll. Only needed for equipment items. Current list is hat, mask, collar, brand, bracelet, gloves, bra, top, anklet, stockings, panties, skirt, tail,
shoes, apron, cape, nipple left, nipple right, ear left, ear right, ring left, ring right, other left, other right, clit, tattoo, weapon, shield, armor, ammo. If you screw up it will default to a hat.

Effect (we will go in depth on this and how to do effects soon.)

*name - name of the effect has to exactly match up to the effect.

*add - does this item add the effect or remove it when used. If you add a dildo it should remove virgin.(true/false)

unequip - when you remove the item does it remove the effect. This is important in case the effect continues even after the girl has the item unequipped. An example for why you would want stuff to continue is if you ruined some part of the girl.(true/false)

Stat Changes

*type - what Stat is changed. (happiness, health, hp, lust, lp, etc)
*change - how the stat is changed. (+5, -3, etc)

Combat Stat Changes

*type - what Stat is changed. (happiness, health, hp, lust, lp, etc)
*change - how the stat is changed. (+5, -3, etc)

Okay at this point we are about done. So lets check for mistakes, remember that xml validator? Go ahead and drop your new item xml in it and see if there are any errors. If they're are fix them. And that's about it.
Sorting is done with the sorting tag now.  Also special tag event to call events on expendable items.

This is the rough draft before posting on the boards suggestions?


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  1. Read it all and yes it looks fine!
    HTML is a rather commonly know programming language so I hope that most will not have a problem.. but get ready for the storm of "My items not working!! X status is changing but Y isn't! And it disappears too!"