Monday, August 22, 2011

Furniture fixed

Okay wasn't aware of it but furniture was never updated to work with the new item system. That has been changed! Beds, flowers, milkers they all work and normal items those that just modify stats are auto, which is nice and a huge upgrade versus the old system that required each one to be built individually.

Also continued to work hard on adding some new content, have a new quest in mind for the casino... but I still haven't decided on a reward. If anyone out there has a good furniture reward idea post it.

May work on the remaining bugs tonight... or play eve.



  1. The casino could give you an Old Slot Machine
    "This slot machine has seen better days but still could bring in some extra money while the girls 'working'"
    Something like + gold
    Also could give out something more towards the casino suite life. They do have nice suites. Heh... Heart Shaped Love Bed.. So tacky yet so great!

  2. Oh, you went back to EvE?

    Where are you, pray tell. I promise not to use the information for evil.

  3. I hang out around Penirgman... though i use a different nick for my 2 boxes.


  4. Heart-Shaped Bed, from the casino's honeymoon suite. Doing the "Whore" job in this room uses less energy.

    (Whore is a pretty energy-intensive job, so anything that eases that - and maybe allows for doing the job three times in a day rather than the two you're kinda limited to currently - can't be all bad, right?)