Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bugs that didn't get taken care of

Some stuff that was reported but already cleared or that won't be gotten to.

fixed - Boob sizes are still not right - thanks docclox
known - some slaves are shorter than others (may be a head-size thing) and shorter slaves hover in the air - not going to fix this one its probably permanent
reported - The maid stockings (haven't tried others yet) don't match the paper doll - you know this was reported 4+ times but no one ever spent the time fixing the legs and giving an update even though the body editor was included with the download
reported - There also seems to be no shirts beyond the bikini top and possibly the cow corset - Someone needs to make them then... Artists Unite!
reported - Still getting old legs. Looks like only the Average folder has the new type - Pale, Dark, and Tan still have old style png files. Going to try putting in the new files after typing this. - redcape will update these soon
fixed - locking for the cow arms or strap on say location not piecred - thanks docclox
fixed - Couple of bugs on the sound front: The sound effects from the auction house don't always terminate properly when you leave the auction. - thank docclox
fixed - And to add insult to injury, the mute button doesn't mute sound effects. - thanks docclox
reported - Also, I'm not getting the user inventory screen in "A Little Time Cafe". The shop items show up all right. - once again... cafe's don't buy peoples stuff...
reported - The biggest bug is still the lack of save/load - next bugged will have save/load i promise

And that was all the stuff I didn't do. Maybe tonight will actual do something.



  1. I noticed one when selling slaves. >.> For some reason, after the selling has gone through, when clicking town, it just gives the background, with sound. Nothing to click. D:

  2. Was the chastity belt not locking included at any of those or was it forgotten?

  3. when you sell slaves, you get no money

  4. what is svn update version and how to use it.

  5. how can i compile your code. i have downloaded it from svn.

  6. Bug - When having your assistants train slaves and hit "next shift" You don't get an upadate text for the slave, game just sits there. You can still do stuff - personally training a slave can be done multiple times. However the game will not progress until you turn training off on your assistanrs.

  7. The cow cloth dont work

  8. locking @ blacksmith don't work.

    belts, piercings etc... "this emplacemeent is not pierced"

  9. Compiling needs Flash CS5. You just open the .Fla files in there, and Debug. Might need to do that to the Assistant .Fla files, and some of the others, before doing it to the Otherworld one.

  10. cow bell cant be locked on, u dont get the money from slave sales, stacks sell as single item (for instance 20 good milk in a stack sold for 10g all) stockings are out of place and shoes, collar leash and cow horns dont show, plus save load option isnt there.