Saturday, August 20, 2011

Classes fixed again... I think...

Okay classes should be working properly. Was a bad passed girl variable and that is fixed. Added a bunch of new items to allow for changing your girls attributes but they aren't quite working yet. Overall though just about ready to try releasing again.



  1. thanks for all the hard work u guys r putting into this, looking forward to ee this project come to fruition

  2. I can not find how to download all updates?

  3. Yes. You can not.

  4. As far as i know there is no "nice complete project". We have to wait.
    (Еще не готово всё это. Надо ждать. И, возможно, ждать долго.)

  5. Will save functionality be enabled?

  6. In some of the posts read that "soon" will be a new version to replace the February release.

  7. You could always learn to update game files through SVN. Then you can get Daisy's and Doc's updates as the upload them.

    Unfortunately, there are still quite a few bugs, namely:

    -I still have the Red Screen at Auction
    -Leggings on paper doll, instead of /\ are || and left of center
    -Cow bell won't load into any slot
    -Paperdoll, some girls still have a red "pixel-line" between top and bottom halves

    -impossible to sell girls (don't think this was reworked yet)
    -saves don't work (another code that hasn't been redone)

    So, you can mess around with the game a bit, but Daisy still has a long road ahead or coding to do.

    Keep up the good work Daisy & Doc

  8. Is it a little sad that I spent most of the time looking at the picture to try and figure out what game it was?

  9. All updates could be downloaded by SVN.

    You need TortoiseSVN, some info (check the otherworld's forum) and adobe flash pro to compile SVN.