Monday, August 29, 2011

Another day of a few bugs removed.

( I am seriously running out of bug pics.)

reported - The bolded text for class changes says "screw up" - Can not locate it doesn't seem to be during a class change... More info required
fixed - Selling a slave and exiting to town can completely nuke the interface. No buttons, no nothing, just the background - fixed this previously
reported - It seems to be the interface not being re-displayed more than anything else. Going to the inventory screen and back clears the problem, temporarily, but it's back with the next event. - more info required what interface?
fixed - Lactation pills no longer seem to increase breast size after initial use though the bovine hormones work fine - does now
reported -lastly the colosseum is no longer in the game but I'm assuming you guys just temporarily removed it. - combat will not be in the next full release
fixed - If I understood correctly, the futa thing is normal, the graphics just aren't done yet. Or not implemented, at least. - my bad when i made futa optional the default turned out to be off. - it now default on.



  1. I'm willing to bet money us fans could find you some more "bug" pics...

    Though if we were lucky, you'd run out of bugs, before, pics... ;)

  2. Actually I do want to know, what is that pic from? An anime, manga, or something standalone done by some artist?

  3. if i'am not wrong thats breath of fire fanart

  4. Well there's always more pics of Wriggle Nightbug from Touhou you could use for bug pics as well. I mean I saw that you posted one in an earlierportion of course. Also, is there a reason why the Arena is disabled this time around, or are you working on other things before bringing that part back?

  5. Thanks lillibilli, found it with that to go off of, turns out those two are from Breath of Fire IV, The fox is Ursla, and the "angel" is Nina.

  6. Breath Of Fire IV from Capcom and i have played it.