Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bug fixes and adding a little extra stuff

So fixed the bug with the class changes item bonuses not updating. I'm about out of non-visual bugs and actually started adding a little extra content for the big release so we have new actual stuff rather then just a bunch of updated stuff. Still have a few graphic things to finish up. Will most likely have them finished over the weekend and a bugged release should be very soon.



  1. Good to know. The releases though bugged let us know what you have been working on aside from the posts so am always grateful for each release =D

  2. Yeah, the daily updates are awesome. Even without a real release in a pretty long time, I know things are happening so I don't forget the whole thing exists for months at a time like I do with SM3.

  3. Pardon my curiosity, but, where is that picture from?