Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Now see Anthy would have just killed all these bugs. (Though Nanami would have misunderstood!)

"Upon the Black Rose I swear...I shall win this duel...then kill the Rose Bride!"

Yes it's that time again. The Remastered limited edition of the Black Rose Saga just came out and well, the black rose is my favorite. So it's such a much better choice then hunting out bugs not that i didn't do that for a little while.

reported - red collar doesn't show on doll when equipped - there isn't one... bug the art department.
fixed - piercing
fixed - Mousing over the masturbation button on haruhi gives a chat box with "I screwed up double check" in the title area. funari has masturbate skill but says "i screwed up double check"
----Masturbation and Futa Masturbation small icons images are gone does anyone have a copy of these?---
reported - Crashed the game when trying to replace a girl's base collar with an improved one. I was using my CS5 at the time, so I have this in the trace window. - i added some extra checks for this earlier and i think they fixed this issue.

A short list but I got bored with it really easily last night. Still working on the issue the collision issue on the paper dolls when going from paper doll/rag doll to paper doll/NO rag doll. Its not updating correctly.

Well something to do tonight.



  1. when you do fin all the fixs updates and coding are you going to replace the february release with blank release when you all done or are we going to look for it else were to get all the fix are selfs?

  2. I will release another bugged version when this version is debugged... sometime soon i think.


  3. keep working :D love what you've done so far

  4. @Daisy_Strike

    How will you release a bugged version when you're done debugging it? :S

  5. You can find lost icons in previous revisions, if you use SVN properly. ;)