Saturday, July 23, 2011

Personal Jobs seem to be working in small test

So spent last night trying to get personal jobs to work again. Think I fixed them but now have to spend a night bulk programming click to event. Which I plan to rip out in the next few updates when jobs get xmled. Basically the main problem was that up until recently the little icons that you select for personal jobs were made at the start of game and the listeners with them. A very bad way to do it since it makes start up longer and means that they are held in resources for the entire game for no reason. Now there made on the fly but forgot to re add the listeners to them. Also changed the slide show, with girl over to Docclox's event frame. Which will help out later on when there are more personal job events.

Did notice a new bug where personal jobs seem to be repeating even if the girl is not in the room anymore... yay something else to fix.

Catherine in 3 days now.


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