Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Legs and other stuff

Redcape has submitted a new style of legs for the paper doll. Please go join the discussion on this and then give a vote compared to the old style.



If the direct links don't work its under general discussion on the boards.


Both Flashnovice and Ludi sent me a set of icons for item to doll. Thank you guys. We go the paper dolls to show up on the character screen. Items showing is being a bit more tricky but Docclox is working hard on getting a fix for that.

More debugging tonight and probably all week. We're about 2 weeks behind my original release schedule and 2 weeks to vacation and Catherine coming out so that will be a dead week. But hopefully will get a bugged version out before then if I can go 10 days in game with out a bug.


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  1. How IS that 10 days of un-bugginess... uh.. how's that going? Good luck meeting the deadline, just do what you can. If you don't make it, we'll wait. It won't kill us... Well, maybe not ALL of us.