Friday, July 15, 2011

Still searching for bugs and doing odd little things.

Currently looking for this hat. If anyone knows where to buy it please tell. As a matter of fact isn't it odd that we all don't wear chickens on our head.

So anyways finished up xmling the items that correspond to the paper doll.
Added capitalization to the classes on the character screen and a work safe function.
Fixed a crash bug I had created the day before :(.
Fixed an issue where the blacksmith could show tattoo and combat stuff...
Began fixing the main screen there was an error with the drag and drop, not sure where it came from. Moving that system over to the IM class. Added a new file

Hoping for an alpha Monday... but not guaranteeing it.




  1. awesome to see a pic of lucifer and the biscuit hammer

  2. I raised ducks once.

    You never truly understand just how much birds can crap until you've had to be around them all day. So no, I don't find it the least bit odd that we don't walk around with chickens on our heads.

  3. ...What?

    In a game about owning and training slaves for sexual purposes, how can you possibly have a 'work safe' function? For that matter, who could play such a game in any form without serious risk of firing?


    You're welcome, Daisy. :D