Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paper Doll

Ranka is going to take over the world.

Actually the princess is a pixie.

Okay here is the current paper doll editor. Stuff still needs a little moving or added but everyone wants to play with it and it helps the icon makers. Flashnovice has been knocking icons out as well.

Paper Doll Editor

Working hard on my lazy days to get the paper dolls up and running since I can't do them at work.



  1. Bracelet position is off.
    Collars remain even when changed to none, until you change the shirt.
    Gloves show up on top of everything else, looks odd if the girl has any cup size.

    Minor details I am sure you are aware of. Most everything else seems to line up correctly, a few items alter the size of the paper doll, but that's being picky.

    The artwork, however, is TRULY amazing.

  2. Flash novice has finished the icons thanks.