Friday, July 29, 2011


So continuing to work on effects. Got virgin to remove when sex is had and been working on sick. The main problem though is that every time I change something I have been forced to make deeper changes.

checkClassPoints(0, 1, girl);
checkForEffect(22, girl)



A lot easier to read and add conditionals later on from parsed data... but when your removing over 100 instances to the new format it takes a while. Hopefully will have sick working tonight and get to play with other stuff.



  1. Ya know, those hundred instance cluster ****s were pretty much exactly what I was looking to fix when I showed up a little while back. Ah well, too bad CS3 ain't forwards compatible.

  2. btw remember to use ctrl + f for that. it searches through the coded for what you tell it to look for and you can have those hundred changes in about 5 minutes.

  3. Couple of quick suggestions...

    (keep in mind I'm 110% ignorant of how the programming works and it's highly likely my suggestions might be useless for one reason or another)

    1. If you aren't going into a ton of sources to get to this code, you might be able to copy it all into notepad++ and then use find/replace to make your life easier... even the macros you could set up make life easier...

    2. If you can't automate things easily, maybe it'd be easier to turn over sections of the code to the public, and let us do the tedious, low skill task of finding instances of code that need replacing.

    I hope anything I just said has even a slight chance of being helpful. If not, sorry to have wasted your time.

  4. Im not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet but there is a bug that im getting when i try to run through the start using the walkthrough and at the item screen it starts to stuff up and then goes all white apart for the girl and the button labeled stack
    sorry if its already been brought up but i thought i should mention it just in case

  5. ^ edit
    clicking on the arrows causes it

  6. @Anonymous4 That bug happens to me every time I try to use a single-use item (Love Potion, Present...), not just on the walkthrough

  7. assuming she is using adobe flash ctrl f is the search macro. it brings up a box and you type what your looking for. then you go through instance by instance.

  8. @Kazard: I don't know about Otherworld or ActionScript, but with SOME other languages I know it's usually more complicated than just replacing a bunch of strings wherever you find them. You need to actively evaluate each occurrence to see if it needs replacing or not. Furthermore you usually need to know what to replace it with. In the example above for instance you need to know that "sick" maps to the condition previously numbered 22.