Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An actual wall of text

So lots of really interesting stuff. Paper dolls are working well enough to be ready for a release, though there is some rag doll to paper doll line up issues. And I don't think the shops are selling a lot of the new item slots right now, which was on my fix list for the next release, but will have to do something for the debuggers. Also Mio has gone on hiatus will not appear in the slave market. Though oddly the princess does appear and yet Mio is the one doing the jobs... There may be a connection. Lala has also taken to hovering above the rest of the girls... If I knew why it would already be fixed.

Tonight it's back to effects and trying to get them to work automatically based on the xml. Really I wanted to do these next update so probably still going to do it as easy as possible but rewriting stuff in a few weeks that I can do right now is just counter productive. But that way if someone makes "The vibrating phallus of the pig." Item and adds an effect to it +1 lust a day its completely automated and all handled through the xml. Which I think gives a HUGE number of options. I'm really expecting an item explosion after this update and the next with xml shops.

So for those asking about releases. I will release on or before Tuesday. Why? Because I go on vacations on Tuesday and just about everyone knows vacation means gaming and I don't touch stuff until the game is conquered. So there will be a release sometime in the next week I promise no matter how buggy it is.




  1. I'm intrested in that catherine game, but the voices sound so horrible... ahh well

  2. Love you =D Thanks for releasing =D