Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting there

I think bikini wax will be a necessary item. Or maybe a barber... ^.^

Anyways keep cheering Docclox as he finishes up the dolls.

At the same time fixing more bugs do to classes changing from int to string. You will notice that they are actually listed over on the left hand side. That's xmled parsed classes.

As an idea I was thinking of making combat a default class like sex and putting it on a different tab all together. And maybe doing the same with sex, and adding more options then the three base ones. Hell for that matter maybe doing all sex types for a girl... Something peculating in the back brain.



  1. Hm i wonder. Will it released an compiled package? Since not all user have adobe flash editor. I hope there will be released. Thanks for info.

  2. Yes it will be compiled lol