Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paper doll is up and working

Thanks to Docclox for getting the dolls working. I know what I'm doing this weekend. Hopefully will get the alignment between paper doll and rag doll up then.

Effects was a bit more complicated then I was expecting... not that surprising on the other hand a lot of the code for them had been written when I was working on the explorer/combat. So continuing on them as well. I will have milking, love, and Tetanus working before the alpha I promised.

And yes I actually started to put together an alpha and then stopped myself when the effects weren't included so there sitting in a folder ready to go.



  1. Good news! I have a Tetanus fettish!

  2. I love that manga.

  3. @demonralf Tetanus is a condition caused by a cut or deep puncture wound, usually by a rusty metal object. The Tetanus bacteria releases a neurotoxin that destroys nerves and causes involuntary movement, lockjaw, and sometimes death.

    Seems weird that it would be in a slave training game, maybe Tetanus just gives some generic stat penalty in Otherworld.

  4. Tetanus is probably related to the needle quest.

  5. In game, Tetanus will sometimes happen if after you get the silver needle quest, you do piercings before finishing it. The potions you get as a reward will cure it.