Monday, July 18, 2011

Still effects....

I think I'm in love, again, with this nice goddess.

So I got effects:
Data Path is Correct for xml and images now
Effects to show - started the line up system
Float Over working
Items add effects
and a bunch of little stuff.

Still need to do:
Timed changes
Add or remove - item based
a bunch of automated stuff so that the xml is being used rather then the hard coded system

Not going to mess with any of that today since its a Lazy Day will work on the paper dolls mirroring items now that doc has them up and running also need to finish up Mugi she's only about 2/3 done. Would also like to get the miko done since she has a head. Oh and there is more paper doll aligning work if I get bored. All of these I just can't quite do at work.

Still feels like release is close but not for probably a few days and the very earliest.


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