Saturday, July 16, 2011

More bug hunting.

So I whacked down the main screen move bugs. Also a few bugs with assistants, the wrong assistant was displaying during slide show. That type of stuff.

Tonight I'm going after fixing effects enough that they will work for the next release. While I want to re-do how effects work all together, it is not something I want to spend a week on, rather going to do a hot fix to get it working. Since I'm sure people will complain if milk is not working with the next release.

Yah it's that thrilling.



  1. С кривым переводчиком прочитал все посты, и немного не понял, будут ли работать остальные профессии ? пони,свинка.

    С уважением Папа Медведь

  2. This spammer again?? Goddamn Russian, at least google translate it first..

  3. he was askin' if it's only milk won't be avaliable or all animal training stuff