Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lazy Day

Keep those bugs a comin'.

DocClox has proposed a new area to Magmell, a scrap yard. Seems like an interesting idea, but I can't get the picture of Everquest Plane of Innovation out of my mind. Way too much time of a misspent youth. Going to need more gnomes.

Go ahead and post your thoughts.

Have a good one,



  1. i had an idea
    is allow your slaves to run away if you mistreat them to much
    with the option of chasing after them or hiring slave trackers to track her down

    and add an option were slaves that fall in love with you will at times offer to become a permant assistant like on slave maker

  2. Run away will be added soon. Was my next thing but don't want to touch the girls until doc is done with his stuff.


  3. Planes of Power, that takes me back. My dad was on Evercrack all the damn time. After he stole my account anyway. Good times.