Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Official Release

February Official Release, spread on the net to your hearts content.

Main Changes:

Combat (Just an early but workable version).
Furniture ~ Change the characteristics of a room by adding furniture.
Tasks ~ Why do the same thing over and over, automate it with tasks and then turn them in for quests.
Assistants ~ Now with personality. Completely reworked system, that lets you try to direct your assistant and she tells you how she did in the training of your slave.
New Rooms (kitchen, dark room)
New Jobs (Cooking, Fortune Telling, Meditate, Make Talisman)
New Class Faith Healer
Slaves added:
Asuka (Neon Genesis Evangelion)



Quick Patch
(If you d/l the first version before 2PM PST 2/17/11 just replace the .swf in the otherworld folder)



  1. Oddly enough, when trying to run the game in Firefox Flash Player, it crashes Flash almost every single time. It worked once, at which point (for various reasons) I closed it and tried to reopen it again. It has been crashing Flash Player (v10.2) every single time since.

  2. Uhm... I may seem stupid, but where can I get furniture? It's said that this version has it, but I failed to find place where it can be purchased. Can someone help me out with this?

  3. Neither link is working.

    First one just keeps popping up adds, second one says link is invalid.

  4. links have been replaced with new version...


  5. I see that I need to have all the assistants to actually use all of the rooms as of now this time. May I sugesst that when an assiant is not in the master room with a slave, that slave should be automatically placed in the first empty slot in the slave rooms?

  6. Not sure if this is a bug or intended, but of the 6 or so primes Ive seen this version, they all were either combat/whore or combat/maid. Shouldnt there be more variation?

  7. Fails to load for me in both firefox and explorer. though admittedly explorer may need some updating. crashes firefox entirely and gets explorer stuck in a loop continuously trying to load.

  8. Use a stand alone flash player, like SWF Opener.

  9. can not find furniture and cant buy second asisstent

  10. i have found that if you are using a stand alone player like swf opener or SWF.max you may need to convert it into an .EXE through the player in order for it to work.

    just saying this in case people are still having trouble running the game