Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bug Log for Feb 3


updated credits
bug - bought a slave (a Haruhi), equipped her with Miko robe. Day 2, bought a second slave (an Orihime). Took the miko robe from slave 1, gave it to slave 2. Gave slave 1 a maid outfit. Her central picture remained a naked picture until I used the next arrow to display slave 2 and then the back arrow to go back to slave 1. Doing so caused her central picture to show her in a maid outfit. - there seems to be a lag do to the new update in item placement - fixed
text - For instance it would say "You don't see" and then when I click it to progress it would be a new paragraph. I know the text can scroll, so this was definitely missing text. - fixed any time a text is cut off please bug it with the first few lines
added docclox's scripts for the angel religion
bug - Stalled at day 47 with a picture of the guild hall, but no way to advance the game. - moved the town button higher
bug - any item that can be dragged and dropped onto a girl can be dragged elsewhere and left there I suck at explaining better so I took a picture - fixed
reported - the blacksmith will only but on one nipple ring on the girl the second one takes my money and either does nothing or replaces the first, can't really tell - they work fine for me... this is the third time this has been reported and I still can't reproduce - About the single nipple ring issue: I just loaded a game and a girl who previously wore two such rings now only has one equipped. It's about turn 300 so it's hard to be sure what caused it, but I'd guess at the save and load. - still can't reproduce after saving and loading - more info needed
bug - TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at Otherworld_fla::MainTimeline/isItemLocked()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\Otherworld\]
at Otherworld_fla::MainTimeline/itemClickChar()[C:\Users\Daisy\Desktop\Otherworld\] - fixed
reported - Purchased a demon tail and anal toy on day one. Slaves can not equip either in "other slot". Also no longer able to double click items to equip them. Items must be dropped in the proper slot to equip. - anal toy goes to tail with both drag and drop and click - demon tail as well - were you wearing a chastity belt? - neither EVER goes in other slot
reported - Probably not a bug; A Mikuru at the auction with an estimated value of 3. I click to start the bidding, and the text goes straight to Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD ! (I got her for 1 without ever having to select any of the 1,10,25,50, 100 bid buttons). - Edit1: A Mio with an estimated value of 5 has got up to 132 before I ever get to touch the green bid buttons. I bid 0 and she goes to 264, then 430. - Edit2: A Yoko with an estimated value of 6 got up to 582. - estimated value is on my too do list
bug - Turn one I bought the mansion, went to the guild and hired all the assistants, then bought a girl. Next turn, bought another one. It won't let me fight. - four assistants, two girls. Not enough people for the arena. - odd - fixed
biug - Yeah, no, that totally didn't work. I got a second assistant, put the assistants in room 2 and 3, and slid the white 'you' box over to that part on the side, and left a girl all by herself. So that strategy doesn't seem like it'll work without requiring -all- assistants, and that sounds like a horribly bad idea - not so much in this testing stuff where they each cost 1gp, but in any real release. I think you're probably going to have to find a different way than 'number of assistants', all things considered. - hmm it is still not working well enough and not sure why - ah fixed
reported - The Lamia was my initial assistant. I've got her and two other assistants training slaves, however the Lamia's portrait is displayed for each of the three when the message describing how the shift's training went, instead of the Lamia for one, the Angel for the other, and the Neko for the third. - the love assistant will always be the one displayed... for now
bug - My Lamia assistant is gaining combat experience in the Arena. I'm allocating some to the "special" category. She's also wearing a chainmail bikini. While the status bar shows the effects of both, the total is still shown numerically as zero. - yikes special was being declared 2 times - why was it also effecting girl bugs - ooh lots of little odd bugs - fixed
bug - In addition, the angel's lust bar is shown as completely pink, but numerically is 0/100 - fixed
bug - Minor cash bug, in the blacksmith and the carpenter doing things like branding and changing rooms fails to update the cash value (you still lose money and gain the service its just that it dose not show the cash updated till you change screens.) - fixed
reported - For some reason, when I try to "talk" to my prime Azuka, the event doesn't end properly. I can talk to her an infinite amount of times in the same shift (if I click "talk", after dialogue, it gives me the "supervise from home" menu again). Although this doesn't seem to happen with my other slaves. - would really like to know what slave type azuka was...
bug - One of the Haruhi archetype whoring pictures is offset up and to the left of where it should be.
reported - Im encountering the same issue I had with the last version in regards to loading. I just got out of the auction block buying the second slave for the real estate quest, I went to turn it in to find out that one started as a non virgin, so I cant turn in. I tried reloading once and the game screws up. Most of the buttons stop working and its completely unplayable. If I try quitting and reloading the program, it screws up the intial window- pressing continue will make all the buttons no longer work until you reload again. The only option is to start all over again. - - i bought 2 menaces - saved - closed and opened loading - no crash - sold a menace and saved - closed and opened - no crash... - unable to replicate
bug - Wow, something interesting happened. If in combat, you double click the player's pic, you will be transported to outside combat. And when you try to enter again, it says "You cant bring any items into combat". Gonna try and work out if this happens in other situations. - fixed
reported - And... even if the whole party gets killed, why do they still earn exp? - practice
bug - The second time I went to the arena, after having used "flip" during the first time per the instructor, the sprites and portraits are shown in the correct order, but in the lower right the names are still flipped. (The character name I'm using in this case is WorkBeta, as I'm in worksafe mode). - flip is resetting now for each battle - fixed - that should fix most of the problems reported with flipping - hmm but that didn;t fix the name issue - oh thats right its an array of info... need to be killed when you leave combat - fixed - testing - confirmed fixed
reported - Now my slave has 0hp and still standing. I guess she is a Mugi zombie hybrid... - more info please!
bug - Yeah, btw, I somehow found a way to get the slaves battle ready the next day, bring your dead to combat, heal them, (they will have 100 hp) then let your hero get killed. The slaves/ assistant will have 100 hp the next day and ready for combat. - dead people can no longer be healed... - fixed
reported - Ohh, there was another glitch, the enemy cant hit me. Im invisible, same thing happened with my assistant. - huh invisible??!?! - When this happen, you will always see them having tons of decimal points in their damage range. - added a smoother so damage can only be whole numbers - i have no idea...
reported - Got a combat bug that should be fairly easy to reproduce: When you flip the character in the front, the turn cursor is misplaced but otherwise combat proceeds normally.....unless when you flip you're not allowed to attack from the back row at which point you can attack as if you were in the front. And I don't think you're supposed to be able to do that, or at least it should be for reduced damage. Now, if you do this flip, when the back row's turn comes up the moveset is correct but basically you get to use in my case the Master and Assistant attack moves/powers twice and basically the slaves are just meat shields... - yah this is an issue until i work longer with the combat system it will be fixed with further coding and updating of the combat. It is still in a really early version.

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  1. reported - For some reason, when I try to "talk" to my prime Azuka, the event doesn't end properly. I can talk to her an infinite amount of times in the same shift (if I click "talk", after dialogue, it gives me the "supervise from home" menu again). Although this doesn't seem to happen with my other slaves. - would really like to know what slave type azuka was...

    Eh? What do you mean by girl type? It says "girl name: Kazumi" and "arch type: Asuka". I believe she's the girl from Evangelion.

    (Oops, I wrote the name a bit differently before ^^;)