Friday, February 4, 2011

Text Editing and Bugs

Seems like I did less over all last night mainly because I wasn't fixing bugs I was adding content that should have been put in before. Faith Healer now has icons, mouse over text, etc. Assistants selection all and preferred choice now choose the related options. Which is good, maybe. But not really a debug when it was never added in the first place.

Weirdest bug that the compiler that the compiler should have found and warned on was a function function that was crashing the game. functionName()() I really think the compiler should have found that rather then letting the entire program crash.

Uploading the Text files for the editors today including the assistant files there is a bit of text in them that should be double checked. I really should have done the text files before the release but I got lazy. Thanks in advance to all the editors.

Text Editing

And your list for the day:

bug - While performing her daily chores, Flossy thinks she may understand how to become a combat:" - this is supposed to display the girls battle type but its not.. - okay not displaying combat name type is fixed - only took a few hours
suggestion - Assistants Choice or All can be activated alongside other choices. It would have been more neat to those 2 choices manipulated the list (sorry for offtopic). - done
reported - Slave Asuka is missing her hair from the sprite - issue with sprite
bug - oh another bug, i got the faith healer job, but the mouse over shows the text for a lactating cow girl stats. - cow girl fixed - faith healer icons weren't in place - fixed - faith healer text not working - fixed
reported - i think that next shift is increasing the day counter at the same time. - unable to reproduce
bug - The number displayed next to the heart icon of my one and only slave shows 108% on the main display. Then I view the slave's individual screen, the bar shows 100%. - hmm smoothing might be missing somewhere - after each turn it now auto smooths everyone's health a little worried about this do what girl having to be changed... - seems to have no long term effect and smoothing is fine
reported - i was surprised when i bought a futa slave 0.o - there is always the odd chance that a girl will be futa based on the % set by girls authors - not a bug
reported - A slave can't learn the "faith healer" class while "skip jobs" is enabled. I tried to add "faith healer" three times with "skip job" on, but couldn't, then disabled skip jobs and it let me add the job normally. - skip jobs is supposed to be disabled for now it is again - fixed or broken
bug - Tried to sell my clothes I bought back to the store and came up with a error!!!! I tried 4 times selling my school uniform and got 4 china dresses after I left the store and returned. But was able to sell those 4 china dresses I was given back for cash. - fixed earlier this was an error with the listener
bug - A Little Time's Cook Quest problem, when point it out in quest book dialog pops out. - okay that is definitely a weirdy - fixed on front... and now after quest is crashing - that really should have popped an error - fixed -
bug - pop up is now not showing girl images - this might be an issue with the instancing down - it was fixed... but going to have to be cautious until instancing is finished - and now its not again - i think something is pushing the girls images down... - or not it may be an issue with acceptable girls - not showing for catspaw but is showing for Realtor... - okay fixed this time for sure - maybe


  1. Found the source of the loading bug I mentioned after the second debbuged, concerning loads. Must be on adobe side since it only happens on Win 7 64, with firefox nightly 64 and flash player square 64.

    By the way, wouldn't offer better compression ratios than rar (besides being open source)?

  2. I remember using 7zip a long time ago and it seemed very proprietary. That may have changed... does it allow file break up? Media fire has a 200k limit that is a bit of a bitch but its free and doesn't have a refresh time between downloads.


  3. Thanks for hard work.
    Wishing to you another lazy day.

  4. Yes, you can specify the number of bytes for each block of the split or choose a preset. the full source is the .tar.bz2 file, if that is not open then I don't know.