Saturday, February 26, 2011

The trouble with pixels.

Beastiary Completion: 55%
Dungeon Completion: 63%
Event Completion: 66%


Some new rules for SVN access:

Downloading the SVN is open to everyone.

To get rights to upload and commit to the SVN you must first have created a patch a change and had it vetted by one of the people in charge of the SVN.

The reason behind this is simple. You have to show that you know how to make changes before we give you permission to make changes. This should also stop people from trying to trash everyone else's work. As it would require them to actually work first before getting access.

I think this is pretty self explanatory.


The little program Docclox made of Zero_Profiles art showed a few problems in the making. As a few of you probably noticed the anti-aliasing was creating edges that were both hard and soft. Another issue was that the slightly turned bodies would make it much more difficult to make clothing.

So I'm sorry to disappoint Mr. Anonymous:

Anonymous said...

please put this in the game
February 25, 2011 11:37 PM

But after much thought we decided to go back to just sprites. A rather heated discussion ensued over 8bit or 16bit. Magic Missile! Then of course there was the discussion to animate them... at which point it was finally decided to use a pixel. .<-- There it is. You can copy and paste it and post it on Gelbooru if you want.

In all seriousness though Zero_Profile is doing a great job looking over these issues and we might be going to a more cell shaded vector drawings. As I understand the technical speech. Not really something I'm an expert at. But waiting with baited breath to see the results. Yah, I'm still on vacation.



  1. Cell shaded vector drawings.. like 3D Custom Girl? That kind of customization would be epic.

  2. i was the Anonymous who said that and i understand

  3. Umm yeah I was thinking of making Cell shaded vector drawings, i figured it be easier to make them since the shading doesn't involve that many gradient layers interacting with each other. I wanted to do the same thing with these types of drawings but the anti ailsing was turning the art work into crap

  4. The AA problem is only cause the images are being resized in the browser/flash program. if they were resized in photoshop or whatever to a standard size, and then were always shown at 100%, we shouldnt be getting that problem.

  5. Yeah. I tried using imageMagic to rescake them in bulk, but i got weird discoloration effects on some of them.

    I would have hand-scaled them in the Gimp, but it had been a long day and I was just too damn tired.

    -- doc

  6. I can resize them in photoshop easily this is that the image will still end up getting messed up when it scales up