Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bugs & Sakura

Zero_Profile has updated his body blanks with shading. You probably can't see the difference in the small pic above but if you click on it the difference is remarkable. I really can't say much more besides, wow.

A new day of bugs, a lot of the reports are misunderstanding of mechanics. That's a failure on my part and I am trying to update the mouse over text to make it clearer for players.

I will update the SVN as soon as my current checkout is done... we'll see how it works. [edit] updated.

updated credits
added text to angel
made changes to thanks - thank you editors
bug - The conversation with the farmer runs its course now, and ends with a message "a new task has been added to the milking parlour" - but there's no new task. Maybe tasks in general aren't implemented yet. - i know i tested it but its definitly not there - oops i was testing it and never turned it back to the right room - fixed
reported - Are the new positions of some of the icons intended? - i changed most of the town screen to instance... and I really don't care what the order is
reported - question, since I'm not sure its a bug or not, but is the box for skip jobs not supposed to be there intentional? - yes its not up to date... - updated mouse over
reported - I also don't appear to be getting any quests other than the Carpenter's, but that might be it just hasn't popped up yet--I'm only on day 26 at this moment. - was able to get a few quests open at once - probably just need to get some reputation to spawn more quests
reported - Cleaned areas with Dirt 0 are occasionally registering as dirty (At the moment small house with 1 of each room with 0 dirt and still getting the dirty penalty) - ran 50 days and couldn't find the problem speciffically watching house dirt and it seems to be working exactly right - unable to replicate
reported - When Asuka cooks for anyone but herself it says she cooked a satisfactory meal and raised there health but they lose a shifts worth of health instead of gaining any. - they lose a shift and then gain 5 health its not like they gain a shift and the hp... that doesnt make sense
reported - Seems to be issues with giving items to assistants to gain loyalty. It only seems to work twice before gifts start reducing it. - don't bribe them so much in a row... they start taking you for granted- this is expected behavior - updated mouse over
reported - Also, should I be able to move the player character to one of the other master bedrooms, because I've never been able to get that white square to stick anywhere but in that first room or the guard square (or whatever the one just above the buttons is). - player can only be in the first room after all he is the master
reported - Something's wrong with dirt accumulation. I'm in the second house. The first four rooms are empty, the fifth is a milking parlor and the sixth is a dark room. At the start of second shift, the dirt levels are 66,75,75,57,62,69. All the rooms are occupied by a girl. The first five rooms all have "cleaning" set as a task, the sixth is whoring. After the shift, the dirt levels have increased to 74,82,69,79,84,70. - more dirt stuff - was the girl a maid - non maids don't clean much
reported - My Lamia assistant is at zero health. Giving her items does not seem to heal her, nor does she gain hp overnight. - only when resting with player
reported - Also, and not really a bug so much as a weird glitch, I healed my dead assistant (not sure if you're supposed to be able to do that in the first place) with the player's Heal skill and it gave her positive health but could not actually attack or flip back to the front (as if she were still dead), she still had the death sprite so I'm assuming she is supposed to remain dead/knocked out, unless you use some kind of resurrection potion/item and that the heal was just supposed to do nothing on a dead target. - correct
reported - a different question, is the prime yoruichi ment to be a lesbo slave with Hakuda Master (is this unique to her only?) and maid? just want to make sure, since i would hate to have spent around 600 gold to have a faulty prime (I'm still broke at the moment, but i think it was worth it 8-)) - combat classes are specific to each player expect special attacks some day - and yes Lonewolf has her as a maid for her other prime ability
bug - Asuka shows the Pig girl picture when meditating - fixed
reported - Question; Is it intentional that the clean chore is not available in the Dark Room ? - yes
bug - Here's an odd one. If I hit the next slave button in the jewelry shop or the tattoo parlor, it takes me to the sell slave screen from the auction block. I only had it happen after going to see about selling one (and hitting the town button to leave), but it's a bit late for me to test it without doing so. - had removed the removed listener from town prematurely - put back in - fixed
bug - Edit2: Started day 22 with all six rooms at 0% dirt. Now for the evening shift, I have 46, 70,100,100,100,100. Perhaps I cleaned them so much when they were at zero (I had two girls cleaning) that it rolled over ? Edit3: Day 24 Evening: Dirt 0,0,0,2,2,0. Had two girls cleaning. At the start of night shift, I suddenly had 42,42,0,0,0,42 ! - even more dirt bugs... - i finally found it the assistant was adding dirt when she cleaned
bug - This appeared after farmer bill buying a crate full of excellent milk. There seems to be a bug in the calculation system. Unfortunately i can't check whether i got -4 gold or the actual price I should get for the milk. - i swear i checked all of this - basic math is the devil - added something to the player screen to show farmer rep - hmmm helps if the cases aren't worth 10gp - okay everything seems to be fine now...
reported - My thought as far as the dirt in the house is concerned is that the dirt from activities, such as whoring and cooking, (with cooking being what I had it set for at the time) piles up before the dirt check for cleanliness, and even though the text for that check comes first before the task checks do, it counts the house as dirty. Though it still does this even if cleaning is set as the task, so I'm probably wrong. - cleaning is done in the same order as everything else last to first
bug - Looks like the arrow key listeners from the combat screen stay active after combat is over. - added the remove listener to the hide all and the exp screen
bug - I'm sometimes getting "Kiyoko looks confused. She doesn't seem to understand (260) when Angel teaches religion. - confirmed - fixed way to many array [[]][[]][[]] confused me -fixed


  1. Oh, wow. Those do look incredibly nice.

  2. Amazing work ! The only thing bothering me is that the "lolita" body need a bigger head so it really feels like a lolita, and not like a "mini-Sakura". (Also, I think that the lolita body can be a bit taller.)

  3. an of topic but can you tell us what new stuff are planed for next release

  4. after about a hundred days, are girls supposed to lose sanity and happiness regardless of their role?

  5. @Anonymous above, check their Lust. If they have no way of relieving sexual urges, it will drive them insane. Mouse over Lust for desciption and explanation.