Friday, February 25, 2011

Zero_Profile Example

Okay I admit it I'm still doing nothing. But Zero_Profile and Docclox have put together a test program that will let you play with the new Zero_Profile bodies.

Then copy this into that folder

If you want to play with it yourself.


The SVN has been merged and that was a freaking pain in my rear. Thanks to Docclox and Zenzou for there patience. I still think that I'm doing something wrong. We shall see in future merges. The trunk is now rather unstable and Docclox is still merging in his stuff. You've been warned.

Back to vegging,



  1. problem with link lower body of normal doesn't show up

  2. This whole customization option for the girls is totally awesome. I can't wait until its implemented in to the game, keep up the good work guys!

  3. please put this in the game

  4. "please put this in the game"

    Jeezus, have some patience. I'm pretty sure that's the eventual plan but it's still being worked on.

  5. first off i am the one who said
    "please put this in the game"
    and what i meant was the bust and frame parts so you could actually tell if you altered their body with items

  6. It doesn't show up because the parts are mislabeled as "average" instead of "normal" in the parts folder. So if all the pelvic images are renamed from "[SkinColor]-Average-Pelvic.png" to "[SkinColor]-Normal-Pelvic.png", where [SkinColor] is a single letter denoting skin color, the images will become visible.

  7. The A-cup option looks a bit weird. The breasts stick out to the side a lot.