Friday, May 21, 2010

First look, Otherworld Item Screen

First look at the Otherworld item screen. One of things I rather love about WM, is the tons of items in it, one of the things I hate about WM is that the item screen is a pain in the rear, ugly, to see changes to the girl you have to actually page back to the girl and then try to figure out what stats are altered. SM on the other hand has the exact oposite problem two few items and they are all hardcoded buttons. It works, but doesnt allow for that many items.

My solution, is a ragdoll system. If you have ever played an mmo, I think you will get the basic idea. Clicking on the item will put it in the first empty slot or exchange it if the item is full. Drag and drop the item from the bag to the character, and it all works. Float over text to tell you what the item is, does, etc. What more can I say.

Weapon, sheild, collar, brand, dress, gloves, shoes, hat, tattoo, mask, undergarment, tail, nipples, ears, other, rings, clit. I hope that hits everyone's fetishes.



  1. Looks wonderful Daisy, I cannot wait for a release to try this out. Will this style allow for additional items to be added by the player easily?

  2. So far I have no idea how to import information. But it is my hope that I will be able to figure out how to do that some day. At the very least it is really easy to add new items and until I figure out importing I will probably just start a thread and manually import.

  3. Sorry for the the large amount of foot notes. Anyway, after purposely trying to think of anything you may have missed* I came up with a some things**, assuming that's how you list those things. Bras, Panties, tops and bottoms could be separated, as could the various places for tattoos. There are other things that could be added as well. Belts, glasses***, makeup****, hair ties, bracelets, capes, and wigs. Sorry if this seems demanding or anything, I'm not asking for anything, but when I read "Everyone's fetishes" I couldn't resist coming up with every possible missing thing.

    *Belts are the only thing that came to mind without trying to find things absent.

    **If you want to try and cover anything that is. I don't really care(You have a lot more than most already), but I do think undergarments could be separated into their respective bits.

    ***Could fall under masks, but would mean someone who needs glasses would be blind with a mask

    ****Assuming it isn't an action somewhere to apply it