Thursday, May 27, 2010

Otherworld Character Screen

All together now, poor Orihime no one has given her any clothes... oh thats better. Notice that her stats change when the dress is put on and this stat change is in green, making it easy to tell which change is from skills and items.

Right below that we have Mio modeling her maid dress. Note that orihime was wearing this same dress but didn't give any stat bonuses for her skill because it wasn't maid based.

Finally we have Mugi sporting the battle bikini, this item drops obedience into the negative. BTW Mugi's special assasin attack is the eye brow boomerang.

This is close to a final version of the character screen, except for special abilities which will be icon based and stat changes of items are still not final.

Edit:Collar Name cut off issue already fixed, just didn't feel like uploading a new pic.


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