Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe 3, Image Editing, Menace Bad End News

Your Mio for today, have I mentioned how much I like the Neko-Mimi?

I got a question in my e-mail on how I clean images. Why waste something I have already written? This is how I clean an image, I think there are better ways but I dont't know them.

I personally use fireworks as my tool of choice. Its free for 30 days from adobe

This is just a personal preference any image editing software will most likely do.

Step 1 I resize the image usually about 2x, for slave maker thats 896 x 672, so it can be blown up but the key is not to try to clean an image greater then about 1000pix x 1000pix or you will be doing it for days. I learned this lesson cleaning Menace's cat suit image... 2 days later of cleaning, I resize every pic now.

- Some notes on image sizing for Slave Maker or my mistakes.

Note 1: going 448x336 the screen size in SM while good for file size, just looks bad if someone is playing in full screen. -- Learned from Menace

Note 2: not resizing all your images makes your slave much bigger then she needs to be. -- Learned from Orihime

Step 2 save the file as a .png file this is a file format that has transparency. Big warning Jpgs don't and you will be just wasting your time, and then you will have to clean it again. Not like I have ever had to do that. <.< >.>

Step 3 blow the image up to about 1600x and using the eraser tool start cleaning it pixel by pixel. I usually clean everything i can with a big brush and then using about a 3 pixel brush clean the edges.

An hour or 2 later and you have a cleaned image. Its time consuming and boring. Good luck.


If anyone knows a good site that will host nude pictures please give me a ring.


Ichibukai sent me in the new bad ends for Menace, they are very good. I really like the one for the Sphinx, he captured my favorite original character perfectly. Should have an updated version of Menace out on Wednesday or Thursday.



  1. I was the guy who asked about image cleaning! Anyhoo, you helped me, so I'll help you. is a great free service that hosts nude images.

  2. There's an easier way to do this in Gimp, especially if your picture has decent lines, or a strong contrast with the background.

    1) Use the select by color tool to select those lines. Play with the tools threshold until you've got what you want selected. Turn off anti-aliasing on the tool while you're at it.

    2) Invert the selection. In gimp, you can use a selection as a mask. Only areas of the image not in your selected area will be effected by the image tools (until you change the selection).

    3) Select the eraser tool and turn off its anti-aliasing. Take the eraser tool and run it along the edges of your selection. You can be much slopier than you would if you were going pixel-by-pixel.