Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mio and the Maid Cafe 2, Otherworld

Missed my post yesterday so will do a big one today. First off... your Mio for the day, I want to know if she's on that menu.

For now I have decided to call my new game Otherworld not sure if that will be the final title but I like it and work with the other all world plot. A sort of society at the bottom of a sigularity type story. Where meeting your otherself a different possible version of yourself is not only common, but to be expected. (What that means is copy of the same girls with different stats, from a different possiblity.)

People appear from this sigularity into a pit a dungeon of sorts, that you will be able to explore, or have your slaves explore. You can always go to the auction house and purchase a slave if your lazy.

More thoughts to come.

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