Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Try stealing my slave will you! Well I have Mugi!

More fun with Mugi Intercepting Events... That pesky noble who keeps stealing your slave and costing you money. He hasn't met Mugi's guards yet :)

The code for next lessons update with assistants.

function DoWalkTownCenterAsAssistant(NumEvent:Number, present:Boolean) : Boolean {
if (!present) return false;//If mugi isn't there no event
if (NumEvent == 3) {//Event Number 3 Passing Noble
MugiAngryMini._visible = true;//small pic
MugiAngrySoldSlaveMaleSM._visible = true;//big pic
_root.AddText("Mugi Pissed retrieved slave");
return true;
return false;//Wasn't event number #3 nothing happened


  1. "Mugi Pissed retrieved slave" makes little grammatical sense. You could instead use "A pissed Mugi retrieved your slave.", "Your slave was retrieved by a pissed Mugi.", or "After a bloody lesson, the guards hired by Mugi return Mio to you."

    Of course, this is probably filler text, and likely doesn't matter so much. BUT STILL.

  2. Completely filler text, it will have its own long text come the v.3 release.

    I normally just write a small filler blurb to make sure text is showing correctly and a place holder until the full script is written.