Saturday, May 8, 2010

Slave Ideas Discared #1 ~ Negima!

Still working on adding pictures to Mio, which is boring to show, so thought I would talk about one of the ideas I had for girls and discarded.


Personally, I am a HUGE Negima! fan and I had this odd idea to do a slave of the entire class, in a sort of Pokemon got to catch them all type game. You would start with the class representative and try to retreive all the girls before they had to go back to there world in 60 days. Your payment, you get to train them and put them to work.

Cool Ideas to go with it: Big battle with Eva, she would not want to go back to her prison, Chachamaru robot sex, Bookstore girl working at the library reading porn ( i really wanted to see Nodoka masturbating in a library. Damn it, all you artists make more pics of her!) The baka rangers vs. Miss N! The commander Mana working as a bounty hunter. Zazie what the hell is up with Zazie anyway?!?! Kaede training ninja in the forest? So many possible fun ideas

Reason discarded: 31 Girls, means a minimum of 31 events (could be less some of the girls hand out in known groups), shoot me now. Not only that but 4 of the girls are very loli (Twins, Eva, Yui). And how the hell do you fuck a ghost? Pure logistical problems with that many girls and how to have them interact in sex, day, etc.

Maybe someday... no i'm not that insane.


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