Thursday, May 6, 2010

Release Mugi v.3

Mugi v.3

(For the media fire links copy the spaces and paste them into your browser) v.3

v.3 Advanced and Opensource v.3 Advanced with Open

Whats new:
//Changed how eclipse dates for orihime are checked. -- Untested
//Papus draft antidote warnings - untested
//All Guided Done -untested
//Slave sold to Mugi - working
//Slave sold after sold to mugi - Bad End - UNTESTED!!! I am having a very hard time testing this do to lack of slave sold events ran 6 games and only had 1 event
//Noble in town event - working
//Tea Time with Mugi - working

This is the end of the mugi guiding updates. Unfortunatly there are a lot of flags I just don't have the time to check and find say if the slave has recruited a nun or if she has captured faires. You can help though just d/l Mugi advanced and find those flags. Send me the flag changes and I will add them into mugi.

Sex Act Guiding is still basic just because its time consuming, but some new ones have been added.

Last Mugi is a bot who I loaded a lot of data into and just dont have the time to test the 50 odd endings so if you find an error please post it and I will fix it.


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