Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ah, Christmas that most wonderful time of the year, when the right stuf has there best sales and suddenly I'm flush with DVDs.

So far in the last few weeks have finished.

Rahxephon (finally have it on dvd and not fansubs)
Eden of the East (surprisingly awesome)
Area 88 OAV(Interesting Retro for the planes! I really want a MiG or a Warthog.)
Blue Seed (Yes I had it on VHS Dubs... had to be fixed)
xxxHolic (Replacing those pesky Fansubs)
UFO Princess Valkyrie S3-S4(Cat Maids! Cat Maids! Cat Maids!!!)
Gilgamesh (... and we all die)

Still have left to watch:

Gravion (no idea)
Baccano! (Fan sub conversion and an awesomely overly complex series.)
Romeo and Juliet (Previews looked okay)
Area 88 TV (assuming same as OAVs but in TV format)

Watching while at work and programming:

Story of Saiunkoku (Seen 2x on fansubs but I love it)
Kyo Kara Maoh! S1 and S2 (Seen 2x on fansubs but I love it)

Waiting for the mail to deliver:

Ranma 1/2 S 6-7 (If you have seen any Ranma you have seen it all)
Queen's Blade BR(Ah... Menace let me count the ways you jiggle in Blue Ray)

Yes I'm bragging but I got nothing better to talk about and isn't Christmas about the gifts you buy yourself?


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  1. :o nice.

    I have around 385GB anime on my hard drive(90% of it fansub).
    And around $10,000 to $15,000 worth that i have gone out and paid for (around $100 each from stores where i live).
    Here nice little collection i have going >.<