Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Small Christmas Gift

Otherworld Download

So a download for Christmas, of the current build. Mainly its to allow for some tough testing of saving and loading. Saving and loading seem to be working now, I made a number of changes but I can't point to anyone that would actually make it work. But it is working, I think, so if everyone else could pound it and check for bugs I would appreciate it.

Good early version of the combat system, so that everyone can pick at it and make suggestions. Doesn't really do much right now except combat. But I'm sure there are a bunch of people out there that still want to play with it. Still really have to play with balancing and adding more special attacks.

This is an unofficial release, please don't go posting to 3rd party sites.


bug - I have a glitch where the bar and the number value for obedience are completely different. Not sure how I achieved it, but the bar fluctuates out of sync with the value.
This happens whenever an item's bonus brings the "natural total" of an attribute out of the negatives, back to at least zero. Once the natural total is back to zero or more, the accompanying bar will match the numbers again. - hmm odd one there - fixed

bug - Milking a girl during 4th shift of day leaves her dry for entire next day. - fixed... effect just isnt pushed on 4th shift

bug - Last "Room Order" assigned will carry over if "ok" is pressed in another room.
- EX. If I assign "Milking" in the milkroom, then switch to any other room,
I can click its "ok" button and "Milking" will be assigned to as many shifts
as I want until I assign a different task.
- resolved

reported - Personal training eventually crashes the application: - Usually on blowjob training but also happened with titfuck training. - I did 10 days of blow jobs with no crash - this might be a bug with a specific slave if anyone knows please add to the bug report.

bug - Clicking on a normal item in inventory will replace a "locked" item of same slot. - hmm - yes it does - fixed

bug - reputation - reputation was misspelled so it didn't work - fixed

bug - I'm guessing the game fails to create a second instance of a name in your possession, so perhaps you should program in a couple lines that blocks the new slaves available for purchase from having the same name as already owned slaves. - I've been playing a couple days now, and I noticed a couple times when I purchased a slave, it did not appear in the guild stables area. The last time this happened, I noticed that the girl I had been attempting to buy (a Yoruichi) had the same randomly generated name (Haru, I think) as another girl (a Mugi) I already owned. I didn't yet own a yoruichi, and owned 5 total slaves, including Princess. - I really don't think it could create a bug... but names won't be duplicated anymore after all that would defeat the purpous of having collar names anyways unable to duplicate the rest - need more information
reported - Also, I wanted to confirm the "inventory shifting bug," as I had a chastity belt somehow migrate from my obedient virgin cow mimic to my best crazy whore. (Actually, the entire inventory of the one swapped with the other.) Sometimes my attached equipment in slaves gone missing(possible trigger: have a lot inventory(especially equipment), and while i try switch her dress with another dress suddenly it gone - the only thing i can think of is this happens when slaves are sold... testing - that doesn't seem to be the case the stripping functions are working fine tried from first, middle, and rear in array - tried purchasing slave - i still can't confirm this - if anyone has more info please bug it

bug - 1. There is a problem with description text. As you can see in attachment.(possible trigger: Don't know exactly maybe there is multiple selection with musician class and cow class) - found musician - fixed - unable to locate cow... - not really worried about this as the entire thing is going to be broken in the next update as i change how jobs are created
okay that leaves saving and loading - everytime i think its fixed - its not
bug - duplicate copies of assistant and player image - lost children - fixed
bug - loading seems to crash - hmmm.. definitly an infinite loop - only happens when loading from inside game - on the second load - fixed but I have no idea why


  1. Yaahoooo!!
    Domo arigato!

  2. I'd like to say God bless you but since i'm an atheist thank you will have to do.

  3. finally i can start playing. wasn't much of a motivation while not able so save progress. i'm still downloading and have to ckeck if it works^^

  4. Igra no longer hangs when trying to load the save, though it does not produce a normal boot - preserved immediately after the start, even before buying a slave, a slave bought in the store bought her a collar and two rings. I came home, put on a slave all opened the box with a skill - was instead cleaners musician. Decided to check the boot - when clicking on load to change the initial set of things. Иut the slave has not disappeared, its characteristics have not changed

  5. Domo arigato, godzaimasu, sensei...

  6. When visiting the Guild Hall I get a real estate Icon. clicking it will give a small image first and then non at all. Continuing from there is impossible.

  7. I have some stupid question...
    On the game screenshot, i see the Adobe Flash Player window...
    I download from newest version Adobe flash player...
    But this only plugin for Internet browsers...
    Where do i may find this program for playing SWF/FLV-files?
    Please give me simple advice for stupid newbie user...

  8. I click on this link I got into battle mode - fight with some white man (?)... By the way, why when a -100 health and behavior, nothing happens?

  9. Swf files played in classic media player. And enter into a search engine swf-file player(проигрыватель SWF или флеш-проигрыватель), SwfMax - cool player...

  10. Андрюха, я все понимаю... и у меня есть в чем запустить "Otherworld", но... Сцуко, я хочу узнать как сделать это именно в Adobe Flash player'e...
    Я хочу знать откуда можно скачать нетолько плагин, но и полноценную версию программы..
    дэйзи знает, Цмаклеод (что СлейвМейкером занимается) тоже знает, а что я тупее них?

  11. the save\load still has problems :\
    I save everyday in the morning and at the end of day 68 the game crashed (again) and when I tried loading it, he loaded back to day 17 -.-

  12. having a issue with starting the game i click to launch it in fire fox and tried internet explore it starts up like its loading to the start screen
    *new game save load and such* but it just ends up with a red x in the top corner of internet explore and a grey round circle for fire fox

    im downloaded the adobe flash and macromedia but cant find the program in the launch menu
    can any 1 offer me any help on this

  13. When i finished the initial training arena combat and got 4 apples as loot. Yay. One of the apples stayed on the screen even after leaving the after combat screen.

    As in, it was on the screen when i was on the home menu.

  14. Shikage, here's a link to download executable version of AFP:
    Unpack -> launch -> drag .swf file into the window -> enjoy.

  15. Я через яндекс нашел этот проигрыватель экзешником(кажется 10 версии) если надо кину на депозит или мегауплоад...

  16. А вообще в большинстве проигрывателях есть функция создания екзешников, но если нужен родной адоба - качай CS4 или 5...

  17. Yahoo!!! I got this fucking thing...
    Domo arigato, Hitenoubu-sama...
    И тебе Андрюха тоже спасибо...

  18. @hitenoubu

    thank you very much you are a life saver my friend that worked great