Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lazy Day

Nice lazy day. Please, keep the bug reports coming in for tomorrow. I really don't have anything great to talk about today. So if you don't have anything to say...



  1. Suggestion for walking: The chance to find things, like the coin quest but not quest related. So you go walking in the green and you discover a ruined house, and you could find training equipment, clothing, accessories etc. This could be repeatable, like a 5% chance to find a house, and then each house has a 20% chance of having some items. Perhaps it gives you the option to search the house or leave it. When you chose to explore the house you have to fight monsters. I don't really like combat in these games, so you could have the option to turn it off too. Instead of combat, exploring the house uses up extra health or perhaps an extra shift.

    Possible items could be improved versions of stuff you could find in the store, so instead of +1 to a stat it does +2.

  2. seems the tooltips for faith healer and cow girl are swapped around to a digree.

    Faith Healer showing gow girls tool tips
    Cow girl showing a double check error.

  3. anonymous has a great idea
    o and more options for the pimp slave (I have only seen 1 red light ..... )
    perhaps transfomations ( get a potion and your slave turns to a cat,dog girl (furry))

    oh and so far the game is extremly balanced (only the new sickness is harsh)