Thursday, July 7, 2011

XML Classes

So everyone probably saw this but me... but to make the items in a string equal a class string equal. I need classes in strings... and that requires information. So since I was going to change classes over to xml later on in the next a few updates to allow for community added classes it just seemed faster to do it now then have to rewrite stuff twice. So obviously that was a tangent and the girl point adding is still only about 1/2 way done.

To answer the class questions now, no that is in no way the full xml later versions... which depending on how much head banging is required to fix the bugs this caused will add the float over text and image loaders for the icons.

Stuff I want to XML but people will kill me if I delay the release any further...

4)Personal Jobs

I really want to do shops and allow the community to add events and items for sale.



  1. Do what you wanna do then! People are gonna whine either way. Besides you can bring up the age old gaming bat of "Do you want it finished or do you want to rage as the bugs break you down into tears."

  2. personally it would be awesome to get a release soon, don't care how buggy it is as long as it doesn't crash too much.
    but the only reason for a release is so we can actually see how much work has been done. with the added benefit of shutting some of us up.
    so, do as you wish, people will complain either way.

  3. as a vague guess, any idea when a release is coming? are we talking weeks, months, or like half a year?

  4. Same has firesflair there and the last anonymous.

  5. Lets be careful here, fortunately you do not have a contract to finish it at a certain date so don't waste your chance rushing things trough. I is not like you are rewarded by lines of code as well.

    A proper job will be much more appreciated even if we have to wait some more. The most important thing to do is to let your inspiration unrestrained, and you can.

    I myself would certainly be delighted to be rewarded by results, like you are, instead of some abstract metric.

  6. Hmm. Looking at the forums, the project is losing traction - there isn't a release, so there isn't anything to talk about, so there isn't a reason to come to the forums, etc. If you add more delay some people will just forget about this. That isn't necessarily bad since they're quite frankly expendable, and more will come when there is a release eventually. But still, if I were you I'd just release what I have and mark it 'the buggy version' in big bold capitals.

  7. ye id rather wait then play an unfinnished game and its your game anyway so you should take as much time as you need

  8. Do all the XML you'd like, clean it up a little, and then release. Having a section done so that the community can release small add ons while the next release is in the works sounds fantastic.

  9. If at all possible, an interim release would be great. That is to say, if it wouldn't be a big waste of time to wrap up the current loose ends and release a working bug-release. There has already been a lot of added content and other progress, which should go a long way toward igniting and stoking the interest in your project.

    Then, you can focus on the XML conversion while new and old fans alike can get excited about the fact that they'll soon be able to add their own content. Then release the XML version as soon as its wrapped up, which will generate even more interest. Hope all is well with you and your team. Cheers!