Monday, October 4, 2010

More Bugs...

Maid, Bunny girl, glasses. Think I hit all the standards.

SO what games do you guys play at work? The IT department at my work has a chronic case of blocking anything that moves, more for the hell of it them any other real reason I can figure out. Right now the two games I can play when I'm not debugging is Gaia Online and Ikariam. So what does this have to do with any thing, nada. Today will be a lazy day, where I veg on the couch and be sick, so don't expect anything tomorrow.


bug - The girls name is missing from the "farm animal" reports. - fixed
reported - I have four slaves, but the next button on the auction block seems to only cycle between two of them. - unable to replicate
reported - It also allows multiple sales on the same day, which wasn't previously the case. - expected behavior you can sell as many as you want but only buy 1 a day.
reported - Even with two slaves left, there's still one I can't get at to sell. - unable to replicate will keep an eye out.
bug - blacksmith screen losing shop backgrounds - hard indexed - fixed
bug - Mikuru seems to be able to remove a dildo while locked into a chastity belt. - class change issue checking strip girl - think were getting collison because the dildo happens after the belt in order there put back on - fixed with a new cheat variable
bug - I just managed to break the auction screen again, albeit in a different way. - hard indexed entire auction screen - fixed
bug - Some times, when I choose "introduction and Walkthrough" and active the "gift", there's no "next" button shown in the dialogue, so I get stuck and must reset the game. - should be fixed hard indexed, also reindexed items so they wont get in front of the assistant when she's talking to you on the character screen - fixed
suggestions - lots of suggestions on changing how stuff is loaded will look into this for the next months update not something going to work on for this release
bug - Mikuru was listed as a native when loaded as a native... fixed she's not a native
pen - names wrong color - fixed
reported - Another Bug. Create a stable and a normal room. Go to the stable and set everything to pig training. Then go to the normal room and click "OK". Suddenly you can train in pig behavior in the normal room.- unable to replicate
reported - What I did was take five girls at various levels of training, sell them all off in one turn, and then without leaving the auction house, buy another girl.- working as intended
reindexing more stuff to the hard index as I find spots that need it
bug - tried to change what icons show next to the girl: clicked on a radio button: everything went fubar. radio buttons/text moved/disappeared. - hard indexed iconchanger - fixed


  1. I found two bugs (not sure if they were reported already) playing the game on Chrome:
    First, I cannot change the slave to pierce in the jewelry, the next/last buttons are gone.
    Second, the modification of the rooms gives money instead of consting money, so changing a room from music to art and then to music again gives 100 gold each time you make it (300 for the whole set) without limit. Also, the money amount do not change while in that screen.

  2. Does the Save/Loading not working or is it just my comp? cause each time I load it just goes to a white screen...

  3. Anonymous
    save load is broke.

    Lord Ian that should be fixed with the bug update.