Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trying to conduct the Orchestra

This took 3 hours to make it all work together... but it is slowly starting to play together. Back to using the ringmaster class from OW:Conquest (which is close to dead at the moment.) To control the different parts together. Need some sort of shared class to transfer information from one .swf to another and for that I use the ring master. Still needs more work, lots more basic work and then hopefully can start working on parsed events. Parsed events means girl events...



  1. Alas, poor Conquest. I knew him we- no wait. I never even met the guy. Also, woo! More than two houses. All hail Daisy!

  2. hope they hold twice as many slaves got alot of cows to sell ^.^ mooooo am a dairy man seriously i find that funny as hell.

    When can we expect to see them and btw keep up the work.

  3. I wouldn't expect a whole lot in the way of more room for slaves (though, if push comes to shove, you can always store a few girls in the pens, and just rotate them in an out as needed).

    At one point Daisy stated that the limitations were a deliberate attempt to keep Otherworld's scale a little more manageable, rather than having the game descend into the micromanagement hell that plagues the later stages of Sim Brothel and Whore Master.

    That being said, I'm not Daisy, so things could've changed. I'm simply saying that Daisy had a reason for restricting the number of girls you could have at one time, so I wouldn't expect to see that change any time soon ... but anything's possible.

  4. Awww mannnn, I was looking forward to OW: Conquest. I've always had a bit of Napoleon complex, and combine that with a frustrated libido, and Conquest sounded amazing. Oh well. I should probably reassess my life some.

  5. I still love you Daisey, lol.
    Finally finishing finals and burning out on skyrim. Sorry Ive been away from supporting you, even if it is just a gesture.