Monday, December 5, 2011

Putting pieces together

So here is the question how many separate .swfs does it take to make the above screen? If you thought 3.... you were wrong its actually 4 (a loader (blank), menu, housing, text). Now comes the fun part of actually using the text system as part of otherworld. Calling entry events and talk button events and hopefully conditional events. One at a time. I'm going to be running test for a while here checking parsed in conditional events and button press events being pushed through the xml text system so don't expect much change in images for the next probably week or two.


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  1. Daisy this is great stuff! I like the fact that you are doing things one step at a time.
    Babysitting cream project was delayed by like a whole year cuz the guys try to do a bunch of stuff all at once and now i think they died...

    Anyway I was wondering if house exploration(for certain houses would be possible?

    AANNND another big thing to add would be PANHANDALING - Begging. Like the gypsies or something, make the slave go and BEG on the streets with the assistant or the SM somewhere nearby making sure the cops don't take her away or something.

    Sometimes they could get random items and such...?

    House exploration could be as simple as the BSC game navigation or the Revival project for Sim Brothel 2:

    Original thread

    Take care and I will post a few more Girl Picture Updates on your forum.