Saturday, December 3, 2011

Housing its own little .swf

I did a bug I swear... I cleared the infinite money casino thingy. Then I got bored.

So started working on housing. Should allow about 12 houses through xml any more and I will need to add a way to change pages... does anyone really think we need more then 12 houses realistically?

As you can tell the xml works, the display works, now just nuts and bolts stuff. Yes for those wondering house bonuses and stuff are in the class information they just didn't get added today. Now your probably wondering why I am focusing on something no one cares about.... well because the two houses were driving me nuts and I need something to test calling events from my text system from another .swf. Before ripping out the entire current text system... something I am dreading with all possible fear.

Those of you interested in submitting a house now would be a good time please include and image, (anime style) and other relevant stuff. Not that we can't add other houses later since its completely XML based...



  1. question when you do stuf flike this do you put it up or is it wait till you release the next stable ver?

  2. 12 is way too much, BUT if there are certain quests/new tasks that come with them then the more the better.


  3. Personally I like the thought of more houses to choose from. Actually having to build up to the largest house would really add something more to do.

  4. Once you get the option for people to start creating their own houses through XML, 12 will probably become rather constrictive.

    Onfire (first Anonymous) is right, however, that it will only matter if the houses offer more than purely cosmetic differences. If not, then the list really doesn't need to be that long. If the different houses offer more than a virtual paint job, however (or will, in the future), then the number of housing options will only grow as time goes on, so it'd be better to plan for it, now, rather than having to fix it, later.