Monday, December 26, 2011

New Town Navigation

Changing navigation to a more dungeon explorer method. This will allow easy hot keying also multiple rooms in houses. Hoping to have a way to allow exploration in the casino and the sex based guilds. Who doesn't want to visit the cat garden behind the cat paw's trader?

The town is already done besides the linking. Which is quite a fast little update from a hard scripted to an xml based system. And will allow the addition and easy navigation of even more streets and shops.

If anyone has any free time over this vacation I am looking for a victim, I mean volunteer, to change the sort system on items xml to allow for easy creation of new sorts which allow for easier new shops. IE a gun shop needs to sort and sell only guns the current method is to hard code gun = true, i want to change that to an xml sort = "gun" etc. Anyways please send me an e-mail if your interested.


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