Friday, December 30, 2011

Quest Book and Thank You.

So first look at the new quest book. Looks about the same just in its own .swf. Internally its very different. Also got the data structure built and the parser.

XML Example

The basic theory behind the new quest is that it only has 2 variables. Has the quest been started? Has the quest finished? All other pieces should be handled by the event system. Though the event system can load and change those variables at need (not implemented yet). So the only thing that needs to be parsed in is the label (that which is pulled and checked by the event system) a name that is displayed and what text's to display.

I want to give a thank you Mr. Enigma who updated all the item xmls to allow for easier sorting and player made shops. Thank you again.

Lastly, yes I know the xml from yesterday was broken. When I copied and pasted I missed something, on the other hand no one noticed so...



  1. how do u update the game or do we have to wait for u to be finished? am just curious because I WANT TO PLAY NOW.... please i am already a fan of the November game and already played the last one just waiting for this now >.<.

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