Monday, November 14, 2011

Bugs - Skyrim

Cleared all the bugs listed last night...


unable to reproduce - And found another bug, when you have 1 slave it seems that there's a chance that the game views the slave as already having a tattoo even without one making it impossible to apply one. - i was unable to find this after testing... any one got a repeatable way to create this bug?
balancing - Increased chance of tier 1 classes being learned to 8%, tier 2 (cow girl) is still 5%
fixed - Minor issues, a lot of the paperdoll stuff isn't working because the names in the closet don't match up with the names in the item info stuff, also apparently the names in closet need to be all lower case, even if the name in the item info isn't. Spent some time just messing around, so unfortunately don't have a precise list of what all was wrong.
pantsu vs. striped panties. / cow ears / Aviator Cap / Bunny cuffs
fixed - Two entries for miko uniform. The first one is a "dress", which prevents the second one (a top) from ever showing up for sale. Simply deleting the dress entry allows the top version to show up.
fixed - The china dress is still a "dress". Changing it to "top" apparently allows it to work correctly.
reported - A lot of the headbands/headdresses don't have an item info entry, but have a closet entry which apparently works just fine. Should be a simple issue of creating an entry (and in some cases creating icon art) - take it up with the art department
balancing - Also, could just be my luck, but I'd argue the odds of a girl being a virgin are FAR too low. - i think so too... reversed the odds...
fixed - classes were STILL not changing when tutorial was on... that is now no longer a problem verified.


Broke down and bought Skyrim (PS3), (so many character models all of them ugly), cost me $4 after turning in my old games which seemed okay. Though that does mean my emergency rent games pile is a bit smaller (Yes I have made rent by turning in video games before.)

What can I say I'm an hour in... and I still don't think I have ever actually hit a mob. Seems more like swings and misses. Obviously not going to do anything for OW tonight or any time soon. Have fun.


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  1. Much like with Fallout: New Vegas, I'm holding out for the inevitable "Game of the Year" edition of Skyrim.

    I'll probably have to wait at least a year, but then, I still need to go back and finish Morrowind, and I haven't even touched Oblivion, yet ... or Fallout 3 (all of which I have, thanks to Steam's summer sale).

    I could disappear for a long, long time, if I didn't have other things I needed to do.

  2. Unable to reproduce? I didn't even know we could impregnate slaves in the first place :O

  3. whats with the lotus flower? it doesnt seem to do anything >_>

  4. hello i recive a quest from the guild: Virgilia
    Promotion.... you... test... bring... *mumble*...(Check quest book for quest details.)

    Cooking greater then 90.
    Cleaning Greater then 90.
    Wearing an Apron.
    i have done it but the quest remain in the quest log as unfinshed and so far i can tell nothing happend(reward)