Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some new graphics.

Koffii and Sphay have added some new items to the game. Koffii had an excellent answer to the clothing over breasts issue. No clothing at that spot. New clothes are fun times for us all.


Compuscribe fixed the first part of the data change so I will probably be back working on stuff tonight... maybe. Been really lazy this week. Maily because I have been reading (I refuse to call it a game, 4 choices in probably 10 hours of playing does not a game make) Conquering the Queen. It's not a game, but it is an interesting story to read.



  1. Eh, I've found that where eroge are concerned, fewer choices that have actual branching effects are infinitely preferable to a dozen that may or may not.

  2. when i buy a new room at the carpenter for the big house and even for the small, the Home screen is empty, only the backround shows, cant load/save or do anything. how to fix?