Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Still ignoring some stuff

Finally figured out where my OBO error was and oddly enough it wasn't an OBO error it was actually that the next label had disappeared in a multi line case. So forward now works. Now the rewind not so much and I'm actually re-designing rewind all together. The old rewind went label to label backwards just like it went forward. This had a few problems, mainly it required a label to go back, so if the game pushed an event like a class change or an effect being gained that wasn't saved. It also had hugely complicated logic for the multi line... I probably could have figured it out maybe. Or go for a simpler plan and why not just make an array of the previous text to cycle through? That way we just keep a independent record adds a lot easier control too if I ever want to do a pop up screen to scroll through all the previous text. Right now I am limiting the memory to about 100 lines but thats a single constant that can be changed based on what game the text system is being used in. Either way its interesting and broken at the moment.


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