Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Yes still fighting Skyrim. So much lag... and that's with all auto saves off. Oh well its fine in dungeons.


I have been working on incorporating the personal action system in to the text system. The one where you mouse over a button and the girl and background appear. Since girl specific events is what everyone wants need a way to access them. Having one text system that supports everything is important to me.

Adding it to the same xml Story tags as everything else. A preview of the xml version not finished.


If done correctly I can then use it in Conquest.


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  1. Well im been playing Skyrim on 360 and I dont have any lag but alot of my ps3 games been lagging up for the past 2 months. Have too say with Skyrim, MW3 and your kick ass game my weekends been full keep up the good work and enjoy lv 21 wood elf ranger and lv 16 dark elf mage cant decide which i like better both females because i rather look at a chick ass for 8 hrs keep up the good work