Saturday, November 19, 2011

Missed a post... I blame Skyrim

Yes I missed the daily post. Skyrim and too many customers at work got me.


Some bug reports now not to many that were significant. And some good suggestions, I don't really feel like implementing tonight. But I may anyways or I may ignore and play with the text system.

I wanted to note that wWonder Dog did a huge amount of work updating and fixing the item xmls right before the release and wanted to thank him on the blog. You rock, Sir!


Loading.... Zone. Loading....



  1. I can't get Skyrim to run on my computer :(

  2. Is it just me or is Skyrim really buggy? It has framerate problems the on the PS3,graphical issues on the XBox, and on the PC its similar. I hope they release some patches soon. Seriously, the dwarven shield cuts into your player's arm when its holstered. Totally lame.

  3. I would argue there aren't really any graphical issues on the 360, if I've seen 20-30 seconds worth of glitch in 60 hours of game play. Perhaps I've been lucky?...