Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not many bug reports...

Was expecting a few more bug reports then what we have got so far. Not sure if that's because its actually getting stable... *cross fingers* or if after 3 bugged and 4 hotfixes everyone is bored with the game again and not bug checking. Either way will continue to clean the bugs as they appear on the forums and I'm hoping to release a stable around Tuesday.


Working on the fast forward functions for the text system last night and just about got it done after a few false starts and better logic ideas. The main issue though was trying to do it through a remote connection (log me in) wouldn't keep up with the fast forward so couldn't see if the timer was working or not... sort of an odd problem.

Bugs tonight.



  1. Srry, I haven't been playin lately cause of Skyrim's release. will try to later today.

  2. Any chance of getting combat back with it then?