Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Still working on Effects... not really that surprising.

This parses! I know that seems not that amazing but it took me a few days just because there is so much nesting. I kept forgetting parts.. and would see stuff as existing in the parse but only parts. Oh well. Working on a conditional class now. Assuming that everything works I think that is about a one day job then some final fixing if there is anything on tonight I might be done tonight. Otherwise in the next few days. Then probably a day to make lactation work. And then bugs. So thrilling.

I encourage everyone to go look at Redcape's new legs on the boards and comment as once we get a good consensus I doubt they are ever going to be redone.

Also I have a question for everyone. Do you still think that the floating girl in the personal job selection should still be a stolen pic or should we change over to using the paper dolls? Any preference?



  1. Eh, leave paper dolls for the places they need to be for convenience. They're bland by nature so I'd rather see things that don't need to be dolled remain unique.

  2. i have come across the issue that some clothing (espeacially long gloves) hide parts of the breasts, which is looking really weird.
    i'm not sure how difficult it may be, but is there a way to get some more layers to make breasts layer located above the glove layer for example.
    i like the paper dolls. keep up the good work, team-otherworld ;)

  3. if it is really a stolen pic you probably should change it over or get a new one just to avoid legal problems. that said a new pic can be implemented with zero programming so if another member of the community does it you shouldn't be set back by it. It's just my opinion though i vote for a new pic.

  4. why not use both the pics and the paper dolls. you could have a setting in options so people can use what they feel like useing

  5. My preference goes to the stolen pics.

  6. Game features & gameplay are more important than dolls or pics.