Sunday, April 3, 2011

Otherworld FAQ

Nothing to do with anything... just my hatred of Mac Users continues. Bunch of Yuppies who have no idea what they bought except that its like an Iphone so it must be cool to bad it doesn't do anything. For them having less then 5% market share, why do people keep thinking that companies will have tech support specifically for the stupid mac they just bought that doesn't run there software or external devices. Oh and setting up there e-mail client makes outlook look simple. Flash is good stupid mac people.

Rant off, offtopic off, back to normal stuff...

I have been working on a FAQ for a while for *cough* interesting *cough* questions, for a little while. But trying to answer FAQs that you write that you write yourself doesn't help much so how going to open it up and maybe I will answer your question. If I ignore your question, their is a reason.


Why does everyone speak the same language?

Translator Microbes. (See Farscape) Everyone is still speaking there original language but they hear everyone's response in there native language.

What language do Spherians Speak?


What language do humans speak?


How much does the average person make about a day?

5 - 10gp

How much does an average meal cost?

1-2gp Food is always a key resources more then money, for some who just trade and work for food.

Do most people own ?

Not really mainly if you make 5gp you can build up enough money to purchase one but then after feeding them your back to broke.

Well what about housing then?

Go carve out your own home from the green is free as long as its not claimed (most people build conclaves for protection). City housing, you either carved your own spot out already a while ago and held onto it or payed a pretty penny for it. It's definitely in this aspect where strength, skill, and insanity are the keys.

So housing, food... that leaves water right?

it rains everyday, and I mean everyday for about 15 minutes at around 2am. Plus there are lots of "natural" springs everywhere, almost as if they were set up to water a large garden.

Oh forgot clothing...

There are some risky farmers trying to grow plant fibers to wear, but with food just barely being in surplus cash crops are looked a little down on (but still make good money.) Animal skins from the pit and the green are common. As well as what ever is pulled out of the pit.

So where does the Gold for GP come from, there isn't any heavy metal, and there can't be enough gold coming through the pit?

Quiet you. Logic is not allowed.


  1. lmao stupid mac users :)

  2. You should be wary not to offend S.J. worshipers. There is such a thing called Religious Freedom (well, on the civilized parts of the world at least).

    By the way, there will always be those who spend crazy amounts of money for ridiculous stuff like fashion dresses, 6 star hotel suites, shinny aluminum cased devices with a fruit logo, etc.

    Concerning the game, if clothing is so troublesome to produce, why not allow nakedness (besides the slaves of course). You could even tweak some conversations (like the one from the needle quest) if the player is naked as well (lots of possibilities).

  3. Aren't Macs on the same architecture as a IBM-compatible PC now? In which case, wouldn't they only need to install a new OS and be done with it?

  4. thank god for pc
    any ways good work on this game so far cant wait for next release

  5. Andru, even "IBM-compatible" architecture must be approved/built/sold by Apple or someone licensed by Apple. Otherwise the magic OS loses its potency.

    But we do happen to call a non-Macintosh system with OSX a "Hacintosh". Usually either run as some abomination of a dual-boot (unless my knowledge is failing me and this is impossible) or as a virtual machine (usually by tech people to help the Mac people who still need tech support *gasp*).

    Possible, definitely, now that they aren't forcing you to use some horrid little wannabe of a CPU to run their OS. Useful? Not by much. Performance is still limited by the OS itself as has been seen.

  6. What is happening? I got a MAC and i'm happy with it.

  7. Having a Mac and being a "Mac User" are two entirely different things. Mac users are generally ignorant, arrogant, and technologically incompetent. They all praise the Almighty Apple but don't know two shits about just what their computer is or how it works. That magical knowledge is best left to the people they hand over wads of money to at Apple stores.

    He was probably being accosted constantly by self-righteous Mac users asking basic questions or making vulgar demands.

  8. Mac = Pay more to do less.

  9. THEIR!

    Sorry, just a pet peeve.

  10. I use to work with mac, linux and windows. When i´m front my windows box i feel like my hands are tied. Mac has a powerfull unix behind the beautiful face but my linux box is much more flexyble and has some sharp edges. But i need to agree, Mac zealots are like Eco-crazy guys. They talk too much about things they understand too little.

  11. I work with Both Windows and Mac. I dont mind using either one, I just like some of touches that Apple have done. MS is know to take other people ideas.

    I just hope another windows vista doesnt come a long. I knew someone who was a Linux nut and said vista would be last MS operating system.

  12. FAQ Q's

    1. What are the minimum requirements to run Otherworld?

    2. OtherWorld.SWF What the... how do I run this? Do I need to download something else?

    2b. Will there be a stand-alone executable version of this game?

    3. What is WorkSafe mode? Will I be able to to preform all the normal actions in the game while playing in this mode?

    4. Will you continue to support this game after it is finished? Will there be patches and new features added?

    5. What is being done to make this game accessible to the Mod Community?

    6. How do I pay for this game?

    I'm sure there are more questions to be added to this just by reading the forums...